Adult Basic Education

CLTD’s Adult Basic Education (ABE) program helps adults improve their basic literacy and essential everyday skills. The knowledge and confidence gained in the ABE program include prerequisite skills needed for successful (re)-entry in the labour force, obtaining more advanced training, or furthering career goals.

CLTD in collaboration with the Rural Action Centre Montague offers ABE courses in a supportive and caring environment where the learners’ needs and successes come first. Classroom-based courses have a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 10 participants.

Individuals who complete this program will have the required skills for entering CLTD’s Workplace Literacy and Essential Skills (WLES) program.

The ABE program consists of four courses: Reading, Writing, Basic Math, and Basic Computer Skills.

ABE Course Descriptions :

Fundamental Reading
Learners acquire literacy skills and develop an understanding of basic spelling and pronunciation (phonics) skills as well as common sentence structures used daily at work and at home.

Fundamental Writing
This course focuses on basic writing skills to provide learners with a greater ability to be more effective in formal work and educational situations. Learners practice writing skills, such as penmanship, spelling