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Welcome to the Centre for Learning, Training & Development – CLTD – PEI.

@CLTD.PEI, we provide high quality learning, training and development services and products for adult learners in PEI.

CLTD is a partnership founded by Laila Hawker and Dr. Ronald Hawker, career academics with experience in higher and adult education of all kinds.

We feel that publicly-funded education cannot meet everybody’s needs. It’s inevitable that people often find themselves without the skills they need to be successful in life. We are a new, private learning institution in PEI providing innovative and customized courses for today.

We can help you make those transitions and acquire the skills you or those around you need.

Three Scenarios, One Solution: CLTD

“George, Abdullah and Mariko have just finished photographing and mapping a site on the Montague River. George is studying to become an architect in Romania. Abdullah’s family is Palestinian, but he grew up in Abu Dhabi where he attends Business classes at a local university. Mariko is a graduate student on her way from Tokyo to study emergency planning in London. Together, they are studying for three weeks with CLTD in Montague. They can only speak English with each other. They spend mornings going over the technical vocabulary used in hydrology reports for a water management proposal they have to present to stakeholders from Lower Montague, Skills PEI and Parks Canada at the end of their project. In the afternoons, they complete field research and interview community members. In the evening, they rejoin their temporary families, each in a homestay in a different part of the Three Rivers district. They are learning English by engaging with the community. All of them are thinking of coming back to Eastern PEI after they graduate.”

“Al’s family has been on PEI since 1802. They left the Isle of Skye to take up farming in Eastern PEI. For generations, Al’s family worked in agriculture. Al dropped out of high school in grade 8 to work on his father’s farm. He’s been working ever since. Now he has a great idea for a business based on years of hard work and experience. The problem is that he can’t read well enough to understand a contract or to generate a business plan. Each week he comes by the Montague Rural Action Centre and works quietly and discreetly with his instructor from CLTD. He is already showing progress. Most importantly, his confidence is growing and he’s beginning to read for himself outside of class. After two months with his instructor, Al phoned last night to say he’s finished reading The Horse Whisperer – his first novel.”

“Yaj is a refugee from the Tamil district of Sri Lanka. He speaks three South Asian languages and has been involved in the hospitality business in Kuala Lumpur for 15 years. He needs to establish a home for the safety of his family and has chosen Souris, where he has taken a job in the seafood centre. He has demonstrated an ability to manage people, but his English is difficult to understand. His company has come to CLTD for assistance and we have assessed his English proficiency at level 3 on the Canadian Language Benchmarks system. He needs level 4 to gain his citizenship. Yaj’s company brought in CLTD to run EAL classes for their Temporary Foreign Workers (TFWs) and Yaj studies with his colleagues during lunchtime at the plant. In addition, has enrolled in CLTD’s Celpip test preparation and takes Pronunciation and Fluency on Saturday afternoons. We expect that he’ll pass his Celpip test next month and then will be eligible for additional training and a promotion through his company. His wife and daughter have now joined him. Things are looking up for Yaj and Souris has gained a new, committed citizen.”
Let us help you get the skills or certification you need to succeed.

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