Welcome to the CanEnglish.ca Course site

Hi, everyone!

Welcome to the CanEnglish.ca Course site.

This site is currently under construction, so please be patient.

Coming soon are workshops, courses, and resources for people who want to move to or work and study in Canada.

All our content is Canadian, so not only do you learn Canadian English as you use our resources, and where are the best places to live here for you and your family.

We are organizing our content in four basic categories:

Move Work Live Study

Within each category, we will have a series of courses related to the general theme. Our first course comes under the category Move and is called Move to Canada I: Required Documents. Don’t pay a lot of money to an immigration consultant. We provide you with the skills you need to take control of your own Canadian journey.

Coming soon as well is a website providing valuable learning resources for you at a reduced price.

Come study with us next summer in beautiful Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island!

Check out www.CanEnglish.ca for further information and follow us on Facebook!