Idioms: Why do you need to use them?

id·i·om – /ˈidēəm/noun

Idioms are expressions made up of two or more common words.

We use idioms 90%+ of the time when speaking or writing, but that doesn’t mean they are easy to learn. Anything but!

That’s because you cannot guess the meaning of an idiom based on the individual words that make it, which brings me to my next point.

Memorizing Idioms is not the solution!

If you live, work or study in Canada and you want to sound more like a Canadian, you must learn how to use idioms properly.

If you want to understand jokes and grasp the concept of a local conversation, you need to feel the meaning of idioms.

Learning idioms and their applications is key to developing a deeper understanding of Canadian culture and Canadian English. Learning how to use them takes a lot more than memorizing a few words.

Learn idioms for life!

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Lost in Translation: Idioms & Expressions

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