We’ve been busy making new friends – meeting people involved in immigration and language education in PEI.

Watch out for an article on us coming out in Ni Hao PEI this month.  We wrote something about ourselves and then the editors have translated it into Chinese.  I can’t wait to see how our names are spelled in Mandarin.

It’s remarkable how supportive and positive these discussions have been – everyone from the director of Holland College’s language program to representatives of the provincial government are all so supportive and reach out to help in some way.

We have some very constructive meetings with our friends from the Association for Newcomers to Canada PEI last month.  They’re a dedicated group – interested in what we’re doing and passionate about its potential impact.  In addition, they’ve been circulating our event information.

Laila worked with the Immigrant Services Society in Vancouver and we know how difficult and multi-faced the work ANC PEI is doing.  I’m sure they’re a lot of people out here in Atlantic Canada who are grateful for their support.

We had a great meeting with two international students from the Iranian Association at UPEI.  Laila and I taught university in the Middle East for 15 years and talking with them  has made us miss our old home.

We hope to do some work with student groups in Charlottetown in the future.

We’ve lived and worked in at least four countries and sometimes the culture clash is difficult.

In somewhere like Iran and much of Asia, no one eats before 9 pm and especially in the hotter south, people are on the streets until midnight.  When you’re used to that, it’s hard to re-adjust to how empty and cold the streets in Charlottetown can be in February when stores and restaurants, if they’re open at all, close at 5 pm.

Finally, we most recently met with representatives from PEI’s Island Investment Development Inc, which manages programs for Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) and the new Atlantic Immigration Pilot Project (AIPP). It’s wonderful to hear about the programming PEI has for new Canadians and how hard they’re working to integrate people into the labour market as quickly as possible.

It clearly benefits both sides.

Coming up soon, we’ll be offering more courses, a chance to see where you’re at for the CELPIP and IELTS test, and hopefully some fun workshops.

Are you new to PEI or need help with your English?  Do you need help with something specific?  Contact us at cltd.pei@gmail.com.

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