5 New English Language Courses in Charlottetown

We are currently offering IELTS Listening and Reading Courses on Saturdays.  We always have room for new students.  Just let us know if you’re interested.

Next month, we are starting five new courses:

CELPIP Tests Preparation

This course introduces learners to the language proficiency standards and assessment methods used in the Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP) tests.

Pronunciation & spelling

This course provides instruction on English pronunciation and spelling through the mechanics of writing and speaking. Learners are introduced to regional variations in pronunciation, especially in Canada.


This courses explores the grammatical rules of standard English in both written and spoken forms. Learners are introduced the regional grammatical differences among the main dialects of the English language.

Idioms & expressions

Idioms are phrases or expressions with figurative meaning different from their literal meaning and are often the most difficult part of language for learners to understand. This course introduces learners to some of the estimated twenty-five thousand idiomatic expressions in the English language.

English Language through Literature and Film

A fun way to study English, this course explores books and film from the perspective of a language learner, emphasizing vocabulary, idioms and expressions and examining differences in spoken and written expression.

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